Business Model

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd is geographically located in Southern part of India at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a world class Smart Energy Meters manufacturing facility.

There are several successful business models for cities to choose from when implementing an out sourced End to End Project Delivery, including a wholesale business model, a managed-services model, and a hybrid approach. Having the right network foundation and combination of partners gives DISCOMS the flexibility to choose the business model that works best for them.


Keeping a breast with the Trends from Customer satisfaction, Customer Delight to Customer Aspirations we have traversed through the first two and take a leap into the third the “CUSTOMER ASPIRATIONS”.

Customers today aspire for a “One Stop Solution” for all the Utility related needs. By utilities we mean Gas, Water and Electricity. All the three being scarce resources and have a bearing on both the Government and the consumer we make a small attempt to meet the consumer aspirations.

Customer though aspires for all in a pie without burden to their exchequer, Government putting its best efforts to reign in Reforms to meet the “Supply Demand Gap “ Government of India is promoting “PPP” model.

Bringing in Value addition to the Vision of Ministry of Power we take opportunity in bringing in All the stake holders together to a successful model of implementing Power Reforms while maintaining reliability, Consistency and Authenticity.

The methodology chosen can help consumers and Utilities achieve a wide variety of goals, from improving public safety to fostering economic development where in we propose to address often asked questions about planning, deployment, ownership, and management of the electrical network.

There are several successful business models for owning and managing an electrical network, including managed-services and wholesale models and a hybrid.

There are several requirements for the metering infrastructure. For example, some DISCOM’s want to be sure that they have a foundation that provides the flexibility and scalability to expand of consumer types and support new services over time. They want to be sure that the network is highly secure to help ensure privacy of information; the data must also be highly reliable to help ensure that their consumption is in real time, Ultimately it is the ease with which the consumers can PLAN & MAMANGE their power requirements.

Preferred to Emulate Managed-Services Model

When a city covered by a DISCOM (shown in orange in the figure) uses a managed-services model, it can maintain its authority wrt regulatory affairs and still leverage from the services off loaded there by efficiently supporting Decision making Process, while outsourcing responsibility (and costs) for Metering equipment, access devices, the outdoor wireless network, service and billing management, and meter data access to the consumer and DISCOM (Utility) for billing and analysis.

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