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JnJ Powercom, is a leading manufacturer, providing "Smart Grid" and "Smart Metering" implementation. JnJ Powercom offers and "End to End" solution based on its "Smart Meters", Concentrators, and powerful web server. Over the last few years, JnJ PowerCom has been successful in implementing an advanced, reliable and secured PLC communication. The breakthrough was achieved by developing a dynamic PLC technology which allows bidirectional data flow over the low voltage grid lines. The technology allows real time readings from any smart meters at a distance of up to 2Km of electricity wires, at any world location in seconds. The system speed has been tested in different enlivenments and times, and the results are excellent

JnJ Powercom is a world-class provider of Smart Grid solutions. JnJ Powercom smart meters enable its customers to implement AMM (Advanced Meter Management) solutions for electric, water, and gas for utilities worldwide. Our team of experts presents experience of over twenty years in the Energy, Control and Electronics sectors.

JnJ Powercom engineers take advantage of their strong background in PLC (Power Line Communication), RF and digital communications (GPRS/UMTS) and foresaw the usage of these technologies in the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) market. The deployment of these systems in metropolitan areas provides value added services in data communications, transport, control and sensor data gathering. With experience of over two decades we have the knowledge to know how.

System & Services

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd.

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System Discription

Smart Grid system is an End to End solution built out of elements as:



Major advantage is a superior PLC (power line communication)...


Smart Meters

The PowerTrack® system includes the system includes the following:

About Us

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd.

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd is geographically located in Southern part of India at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a world class Smart Energy Meters manufacturing facility. The organization apart from manufacturing takes pride as a Solution provider by customizing the energy meters, as a System Integrator & O&M Service Provider. Established and supported by a team of qualified and experienced technocrats and professionals with vast experience in the field of Electricity right from Generation, Transmission & Distribution, and Demand Side Management.

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Business Model

  • Ownership of End-to-end solution
  • Easily convertible from Stand alone to Prepaid, Post paid (without H/w Changes)
  • Standards-based on Regulatory authority of India
  • Easy to deploy
  • Highly reliable.
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