Smart Concentrators

JnJ Powercom Systems Ltd is geographically located in Southern part of India at Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh with a world class Smart Energy Meters manufacturing facility.

The concentrator is typically installed near the transformer station, on the low voltage side of MV/LV power transformer. The concentrator manage the meters via PLC/RF. Management includes automatic detection of meters, periodic and on demand reading and saving of meter data, meter supervision, tapering notification etc. The Concentrator stores the last three months readings from all meters. The unit is responsible on acquisition, processing, storing, and recording data from the meters and the remote control server. It checks continually the network quality and the meter functionality.

PCCG340 – New Generation Concentrator The PCCG340 is a state of the art computer offering full system flexibility to the PowerTrack system. The unit acts as a protocol convertor enabling the customer to integrate any 3rd. party meter manufacture into the JnJ Powercom AMM solution. As long as the meters use open protocol, JnJ Powercom open platform opens the way for a multi vendor system. JnJ Powercom new PCCG350 puts an end to proprietary vendor solution and enables full interoperability. Once the meter brand and model number is defined into the Concentrator, the software server will treat the meter as our own. Any meter can be turned into PLC meter by using JnJ Powercom Dynamic RS485/PLC convertor(RSPLC51).